The aim of the world Certification Inquiry Center is to gother companies that are performin Certification on Eorth under one single roof as examining under certain criteria.



You can reach our page by entering www.wiccert.com page for one af your browsers to quiry your documents.


To quiry your certificates that you took from the companies, click Quiry Certificate button on Homepage.


By entering yout Identity Number to the caning blank yo can see all of the certificates you have taken.



Question 1: I can not see my certificate on WICCCERT, what can i do?

Answer 1: I this cendition ones who can not see the document can reach us toug the phone number on our page or can send us the problem to ur by filling the demond from.

After solution, informative mail is sent.

Question 2: The information about me on WICCERT is not true, what can I do?

Answer 2: You can reach us through our phone number or you can send the detailed problem on support@wiccert.com.

After solution, informative mail is sent.

Question 3: Haw long does it telce to salve the problem?

Answer 3: The problems you sent in working days is salved in 24 hours by our outwrities.

After solution, informative mail is sent.